Sub Floor Preparation

Reliable Sub-Floor Preparation Service In Ireland

Your Sub-Floor Preparation has a more impact than the flooring material used when ensuring your floor’s lifespan. Thus, improper preparation of your flooring will either result in flooring failures or unexpected expenses. To avoid such situations, you should consider hiring the service of a professional sub-floor preparation team.

With the above in mind, Progressive Flooring Solutions is glad to provide reliable sub-floor preparation service to properties within Ireland.

We are flooring experts who boast years of hands-on experience delivering optimal results in flooring projects and everything within. 

The team at Progressive Flooring Solutions brings this level of experience and professionalism to your sub-floor preparation projects. Our team provides a professional service delivery that helps save you from future unplanned repair and replacement bills.

We understand the importance of an adequately prepared sub-floor to your floor’s longevity. Thus, to help ensure a long-lasting floor, no matter the material used, we follow a unique result-driven approach.

Using a unique combination of proven sub-floor preparation techniques and innovative equipment, our technicians ensure a perfectly prepared sub-floor that will protect your floor from bobbling or creasing. This approach helps to save you money on unexpected repairs and replacements.​


  • Removal of old floor finishes 
  • Scabbling
  • Shot blasting
  • Diamond grinding 

Subfloor Preparation

  • Surface applied DPMs
  • Smoothing compound
  • Rapid drying screed
  • Rapid repair mortars

Do I Need A Sub-Floor?

While the sub-floor doesn’t directly add extra strength to your flooring, subflooring provides several advantages that benefit you and your floor. Here are some reasons to get a sub-floor done before your next floor installation.

Longer Lifespan for Your Flooring: Although the sub-floor preparation is done before the actual flooring is installed on top, it provides reliable protection for the above floor. It serves as the perfect cover against mould and moisture damage, thus a longer lifespan.

Added Strength: When installing alone with no sub-floor, your flooring might not be strong enough to carry heavy furniture pieces and appliances. With a sub-floor done, you have added strength.

Improved Stability: A well-done sub-floor preparation provides a stable and level surface to which flooring is installed. This feature makes flooring installation a lot easier.

So, are you considering replacing your old floor? Or you are planning to install flooring in a new home, retail outlet or business? You should consider hiring our professional sub-floor preparation team.

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