Floor Repair And Maintenance

Expert Floor Repair and Maintenance Service in Ireland

Thanks to high traffic, your floor is bound to need some repair or maintenance work done after some time. From scratches from pets and high heels to lose nails, planks and screws, hiring the service of a professional floor repair and maintenance team will help return your floor to its optimal best.

At Progressive Flooring Solutions, we are proud to offer our expert floor repair and maintenance team to help get things done swiftly and effectively.

Our Floor Repair and Maintenance Service is designed to provide you with a skilled team of floor repair and maintenance experts. We deliver optimal maintenance services to repair and restore your flooring to its initial best.

A team of experienced experts in Ireland, we come to your property to examine your current situation and provide the best-suited solution. Whether repair or maintenance, we ensure you get a safe floor that’s back to its best.

To set us apart from the rest, the team at Progressive Flooring Solutions provides a unique blend of result-driven repair/maintenance service and premium customer experience. Unlike the other repair teams out there, we go beyond the general repair and maintenance to provide you advise and care tips that help to improve the lifespan of your floors.

So, no matter the type of flooring used, we come with the right tools and skilled quality to get rid of your floor’s imperfections and restore optimal value to your floor.

Why Choose Our Experts?

We Understand Your Floor

The repair and maintenance specialists at Progressive Flooring Solutions are experienced experts who have worked with several flooring materials while delivering optimal results. We bring this experience and know-how to every project, including yours. 

Personalised Approach

We understand that every floor is different and thus have different repair and maintenance needs. Therefore, we come to your property fully equipped to tackle your unique situation and deliver the best result possible.

Its more than a Repair Service

We have carried out numerous flooring repairs all over Ireland, whether it has been a scratched or damaged floor. 

We also offer floor maintenance contracts every 6-12 months to inspect and repair floors, ensuring that our clients are happy and also keeping up to standards with HSE regulations etc.

We can polish, seal and buff your old floor and bring it back to life.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free, no obligation quote if your floor requires maintenance.

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